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My Role:
User Interface Design
Visual Designer
Weblfow Developer

What do you get when you put together some amazing and smart ex GE employees and place then together in one room? You get an amazing team creating a product that is sure to change the way business is done across all enterprise level decisions. Kobai is a small startup based in Pleasanton CA who is disrupting the way decisions are made at every business level.

Our team at Kobai needed to update our website to better portray our products and message. So our team got together to better understand our user. Once we narrowed down who our user is and what message we wanted to deliver, I sat down and started designing the website. After some initial white-boarding, I came up with some first initial designs.

I also started to experiment on some animation for the site. I wanted to push the software to its limits with this exploding sphere and it worked really well. Although we didn't get to code it and publish it, this allowed to look into other solutions for this type of animation. So that is when we discovered Lottie, from AirBnB. Truly it is an amazing tool to create some amazing animations.

Once we got a nice solid direction after some testing and feedback from our CEO, we decided to come up with a simpler design. I wanted to also experiment using Lottie on the site. I used AfterEffects and Lottie to create the moving "waves" on the homepage.

We finalized on this look and feel and started to develop the website. We made some more changes to the site once it was developed and we finalized the overall look and feel as I coded it all.

Once we tested the website with our audience internally, did multiple revisions and updates, I started to use a new tool called Webflow. I wanted to challenge myself on creating the entire website using Webflow. Webflow is part of a #nocode movement. Its an easy web app to learn to make some very simple and complex websites. I was hooked. The final website can be found here:


The website helped the company deliver its message to investors, clients and helped solidify the services and features Kobai's products offers. It was a huge success for the company to have a fresh new site.

Boris is a very talented designer! I've had the pleasure of working with him at two companies, GE and Kobai. I’ve always been impressed by his designs, creativity, and communication skills. When he first started at Kobai he lead a session with everyone at the company, asked several questions that allowed for discussion and unified the team, company’s vision and goals. Overall Boris is one of a kind and I would love to work with him again some day!
- Irma Rodriguez
Senior Frontend Developer at Kobai Inc.