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Kobai - Website
‍‍Kobai Inc.

My Role:
User Interface Design
Visual Designer
Weblfow Developer

When you bring together a talented and intelligent group of former GE employees, the result is an exceptional team that is poised to revolutionize enterprise-level decision-making. Kobai, a dynamic startup located in Pleasanton, CA, is leading the charge in disrupting traditional business practices. Their innovative product promises to transform the way organizations approach and make critical decisions, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness.

Once our team at Kobai identified our target users and defined the core message we wanted to convey, I took on the responsibility of designing our website. Drawing inspiration from our brainstorming sessions, I created the initial designs, capturing the essence of our product and aligning it with our brand identity. These designs served as the foundation for the development of our new website.

In my quest to create a visually engaging website for Kobai, I decided to experiment with animation to add an extra layer of interactivity and dynamism. I wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible and explore unique ways to captivate our users. Through my exploration, I stumbled upon Lottie, a powerful animation tool developed by AirBnB. Lottie opened up a world of possibilities, allowing us to create stunning animations that could be easily integrated into our website. Although we didn't ultimately use the exploding sphere animation, the experience led us to discover a valuable resource for future animation endeavors.

With the guidance and feedback from our CEO, we honed in on a solid direction for the website design. We realized the importance of simplicity in delivering our message effectively. To enhance the visual appeal and engage users, I decided to leverage the power of Lottie and integrate it into our website. Using After Effects, I crafted dynamic "waves" that added movement and vibrancy to the homepage. The seamless integration of Lottie allowed us to bring our designs to life and create a captivating user experience.

With the finalized design direction in place, our team began the development phase of the website. As I took on the role of the developer, I started coding the website, bringing the design to life and ensuring that the final product matched our vision. That's when I discovered Webflow, a no-code platform that allowed me to create complex websites without having to write code. Excited about the possibilities, I embraced this new tool and took on the challenge of developing the entire Kobai website using Webflow. The process was empowering and efficient, enabling me to bring the website to life with ease. Throughout the development process, we made necessary adjustments and refinements to enhance the user experience and optimize the overall look and feel. By taking a hands-on approach to coding, we were able to fine-tune every detail and deliver a website that truly represented the Kobai brand.


The website played a pivotal role in effectively conveying Kobai's message to investors and clients, while showcasing the comprehensive range of services and features offered by our products. Its fresh and modern design helped solidify our brand identity and positioned us as a credible and innovative player in the industry. The success of the new website was evident in the positive feedback received from stakeholders, as well as the increased engagement and interest it generated for Kobai's offerings.

Boris is definitely a great UX and Visual Designer, his domain of best practices and exploring beyond them help build very user centric and user friendly interfaces. He's a great team player and his ability to achieve visual impact make him the right piece for any team. Always pushing forward. He's got a great sense of humor too.
- Luis Monterrubio
Head of UX at Kobai Inc.