Redux TV

My Role:
‍User Interface Design
Visual Design

Redux TV solved a particular niche in the market. Youtube is king of search, Hulu serves up TV shows, Netflix has an amazing collection of movies, but there was nothing in the market that solved the discovery part. We wanted wanted Redux TV to fill that void. So we started creating channels and personalized TV channels for any user. We wanted the user to their own curators of video all over the internet!

Redux TV - Version 5
Reaching more than 40Million connected TVs was a huge milestone for Redux TV. We wanted to simplify the product even further giving the user a true lean-back experience. We designed an even simpler UI by making all the UI elements to both edges of the TV. This would give more attention to the content in the middle.

Redux TV - Version 4 -
After seeing great success with our app, we wanted to be even simpler and go with a minimal approach to letting users get to the content faster and easier, so we chose to go with a left and right UI placement for the controls and simplified the guide even more.

Redux TV - Version 3
We wanted to have minimal impact on the user experience when they used our app on their large screen TV, so we furthered simplified the UI and made going to the previous or next videos faster. But there was room for more improvement ;)

Redux TV - Version 2
We wanted to simplify the UI a bit more for our next revision of Redux TV for Smart TV's. We went back to the drawing board to make the guide easier to understand as well as making the controls easier to navigate with.

Redux TV - Version 1
The first true version of Redux was starting to take shape. I made constant revisions and updates to the User Interface based on user testing and feedback.

Redux TV - Boxee Concepts
Similar to the Yahoo Connected TV project, the goal of the Boxee partnership is to extend Redux directly to the living room TV. Users can browse popular channels, and if they have logged in, channels they have subscribed to and their “home stream” are accessible. In addition, we included the number of new videos in the channels since a user last visited the app, to help a user identify which of his or her favorite channels are fresh.

Redux TV - Yahoo Connected TV Concepts
The goal of this project was to extend Redux’s TV mode Yahoo Connected TV. The designs show some of our thinking around extending the passive experience to TVs.


Redux TV was pre-installed in more than 40 million connected TV's across multiple manufactures, including Samsung, Sony, LG, Google TV and more. I also designed the experience for tablets and mobile phone. The company did extremely well with their Lean back experience app, but we pivoted to a new direction...Riffsy.

Boris is responsible for the design of Redux's TV, tablet, phone and destination site products. At a face paced engineering heavy company in a highly competitive space, that's one of the real hot seats. Boris handles the pressure, the interactions with the team, and most importantly, the product and process brilliantly with great skill and effectiveness. The UI, design and look and feel of Redux's products consistently win plaudits.
- Stephen Mendel
Member of the Board of Directors at DuckDuckGo, Tenor, Motive Medical Intelligence, LoungeBuddy