Digital Command Center
‍‍‍GE - Finance

My Role:
UX Director
User Interface Design
Visual Designer

GE Digital needed a single source of truth tool that brought operational insights into key factors that drove GE Digital’s success. By creating this type of dashboard tool for all GE employees, it offered insights into critical business information such as forecast vs actuals for software orders and revenue, key metrics for our flagship product (Predix), technical and customer support metrics, progress and status for active software releases and cloud usage insights for developers. This Command Center helped create a collaborative effort to build transparency within GE Digital

I helped the entire team create a vision for what this tool would look like by designing a future-looking command center wall concepts. This helped inspire the overall direction of the visual design team and helped the team get funding for the project. 

Once we presented the vision to stake holders in the finance team, we got the green light to proceed with the project focusing on solving one problem: A single source of truth for all metrics across GE.

To get the ball rolling, I started to design a responsive look and feel for the product using the existing PREDIX brand colors and iterating on all designs. I focused on desktop, mobile and some wearable concepts.

At the time, we didn’t have any best practices internally on how to display data that helped tell the story of information to help make informed decisions. Seeing this void we had in the team and company, after much research, I created a Data Visualization Best Practice 50 page design guideline based on field research that I shared with the GE design community to better design data visualizations for big data. This helped the team and the rest of GE better understand how to tell your story using data as the center of focus.

Alongside one of my Senior Visual Designers who did an amazing job creating the rest of the Command Center, Justin Lancaster, we were featured on a video shared throughout GE talking about the value of being able to design for big data. 


The product was designed by the Visual Design team I managed and received high praise from senior management and teams using the Command Center. The tool is still being used today for major decisions Senior Management needs to do for product releases, etc.