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My Role:
Creative Direction
User Interface Design
Icon Design

The Power Division of GE recognized the inefficiencies in their existing process for configuring, quoting, and ordering electric grid products. The manual process of sending PDFs and proposals via email led to delays of days or even weeks before receiving responses from clients. The average time to deliver a quote was approximately 7 days, which fell short of optimal efficiency. In response to this challenge, our team was assigned the task of developing a digital solution for the Power-Gen sales representatives, enabling them to swiftly configure products and provide clients with proposals on the same day, regardless of their online connectivity. The goal was to empower the sales reps to seal the deal promptly, improving the overall efficiency of the sales process.

The initial wireframes, expertly sketched on paper by our talented Interaction Designer, Mauricio M, served as a catalyst for my creative process. Drawing inspiration from these wireframes, I developed several approaches and presented my thinking behind each screen and approach. This enabled the team to visualize the potential end result and effectively communicate the vision to our client. By effectively articulating the design concepts and showcasing their potential impact, we were able to sell the vision and gain buy-in from our client, fostering a shared understanding and alignment throughout the project. Mauricio's wireframes proved invaluable in kickstarting the design process and setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

To enhance the client's understanding of our proposed product, I took the initiative to create storyboard scenarios that depicted the user's journey in a visual and sequential manner. These storyboards provided a tangible representation of the user experience, allowing our client to immerse themselves in the envisioned product. By presenting the storyboards, we fostered a deeper level of comprehension and engagement from the client, enabling them to grasp the value and potential of our solution. Building upon this shared understanding, Mauricio, our skilled Interaction Designer, leveraged the insights from the storyboards to create wireframes that effectively translated the envisioned experience into actionable design elements. This collaboration between storyboards and wireframes served as a pivotal step in refining the product's design and ensuring alignment between our team and the client's expectations.

With a solid understanding of our user and their needs, our talented Interaction Designer, Mauricio, began translating the concepts into tangible wireframes. Working closely together, Mauricio and I iterated on the wireframes, refining them based on the initial concept designs I created at the beginning of the project. This collaborative process allowed us to align the visual representation with the intended user experience, ensuring that the wireframes accurately captured the functionality and flow of the final product. Through our iterative approach, we continuously refined and improved the wireframes, incorporating feedback and insights to create a seamless and user-centered design solution.

After receiving feedback from users and presenting to senior leadership, we reached a consensus on a design approach that met our desired goals.

In preparation for the GE Energy World conference in Toronto, the business division requested a promo video to introduce their new product to the attendees. To meet this request, I took charge of crafting a compelling script for the promotional video. Additionally, I oversaw and coordinated the creative work for the video, collaborating with a third-party agency to bring the script to life. By managing the creative process, I ensured that the promo video effectively communicated the value and benefits of the product, setting the stage for a successful introduction at the conference.

During the GE World Energy conference, I took the opportunity to conduct one-on-one sessions with various users, where I presented and demonstrated the app. Utilizing large-screen TVs with touch-screen capabilities, we showcased the product in action, allowing users to interact directly with the app's features and functionality. This hands-on approach provided an immersive and engaging experience for the users, enabling them to see firsthand how the app could enhance their workflows and address their specific needs. The live demos on the large touch-screen TVs effectively highlighted the capabilities and benefits of the product, leaving a lasting impression on the conference attendees.


The product received widespread acclaim and garnered high praise from both senior leaders and users. Its impact was substantial, delivering significant time and cost savings for the business unit. The average quoting time was dramatically reduced from 7 days to just 5 minutes, resulting in remarkable gains in productivity. These improvements translated to substantial financial benefits, with productivity savings exceeding $8 million and revenue generated surpassing $8 million. The success of the digitized solution not only streamlined operations but also demonstrated the immense value it brought to the business unit, solidifying its positive impact on both efficiency and profitability.

Boris is an exceptionally talented, creative, and passionate UI designer. I had the opportunity to work with him on several projects while at GE Digital. Whether it was designing pixel-perfect user interfaces, crafting top-notch videos, or creating new design systems from the ground up, Boris was always able to deliver best in class solutions. He was also extremely good at juggling multiple projects simultaneously while always keeping calm under pressure. Boris is an amazing team-player who will always bring invaluable contributions to any team. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.
- Mauricio Melo Gonzalez
VP, User Experience Design Lead at JPMorgan Chase & Co.