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‍‍GE - Power-Gen

My Role:
Creative Direction
User Interface Design
Icon Design

The Power Division of GE needed a better way of configuring, quoting and ordering electric grid products. Their old process was to manually send pdf’s and proposals over emails and this would take days or sometimes weeks before they would get some response from their clients. The average time to deliver a quote to a client was 7 days, which was not optimal. We were tasked to come up with a digital solution for the Power-Gen sales reps, our persona, so they seal the deal with their clients by configuring and giving their clients a proposal the same day, whether they are connected online or not.

The initial wireframes, sketched on paper by our amazing Interaction Designer (Mauricio M.), were the inspiration I needed to come up with a couple of approaches and explained my thinking behind each screen and approach. This helped the team visualize what the end result could look like and really sell the vision with our client.

I also created storyboard scenarios to better explain and understand the journey of our user. We also presented the storyboards to our client, which resulted in a better understanding from their part on what we were proposing for the product. Interaction Designer, Mauricio, was able to start creating wireframes for the end result.

Once we had a better understanding of our user, our Interaction Designer, Mauricio, was able to start creating wireframes for the end result. Both him and I iterated on the wires based on the concept designs I created in the begining

After presenting to senior leadership and getting feedback from users, we agreed on one design approach that satisfied the results we were trying to achieve.

The business division also needed to market this product in their upcoming GE Energy World conference in Toronto so they asked us if we could make a promo video for their new product to introduce it to everyone at the conference. I created a script for the promo video and oversaw all the creative work done for the video by a third party agency.

At the GE World Energy conference, I also presented the app to various of our users during some one on one sessions. We had the app launched on some large screen Tv's and used their touch-screen capabilities to demo our product.


The product was received with accolades and received top acknowledgment from senior leaders and the users themselves. We were able to save time and money by delivering a digitized solution for the business unit. We decreased the amount of quoting time from an average of 7 days for a quote, to 5 minutes! Productivity savings of over $8 million dollars and revenue of over $8 million!

Boris is an exceptionally talented, creative, and passionate UI designer. Whether it was designing pixel-perfect user interfaces, crafting top-notch videos, or creating new design systems from the ground up, Boris was always able to deliver best in class solutions. Boris is an amazing team-player who will always bring invaluable contributions to any team. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.
- Mauricio Melo Gonzalez
VP, User Experience Design Lead at JPMorgan Chase & Co.