Locomotive Concept
GE - Transportation

My Role:
User Interface Design
Visual Designer

I created a quick concept for a touch display future thinking device for the locomotive research division of GE. This was just going to be a simple experimentation on being able to control a locomotive via a tablet/remote beyond the line of sight. It was a super quick concept but it was received very well. 

Our product manager gave me what was being used currently for the design of the screen. I was tasked to update the look and feel of the old UI screen to see how this might look like on a joystick style device.

I play some video games so I was inspired by some games Interface colors and layout. The most important thing for me was to make sure the main screen area be the hero. The rest of the UI can be allocated on one side of the screen. One thing I really wanted to push was having the screen look modern and future looking.


The concept was received very well. It helped push the boundaries at GE on how interfaces could look like with some good visual direction.