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CORE Design System
GE - Brand

My Role:
User Experience Director
User Interface Designer
Visual Designer

GE recognized the need for a versatile design system that could cater to a range of branded experiences, spanning from simple emails to comprehensive web solutions. The goal was to develop a system that was framework-agnostic and lightweight. In conjunction with the PREDIX design system, which addressed design challenges specific to the Industrial Internet Space, the Core Design System was created to address all other design-related needs across GE, encompassing the master brand expression. The Core Design System language was meticulously crafted to align GE's brand characteristics with specific design principles, namely being Bold, Simple, Focused, and Personal.

As a cohesive team, we embarked on the development of the entire design system through numerous collaborative sessions and engagements both within our team and with stakeholders across the company. We engaged in iterative processes and explorations to define the system's objectives and chart its course towards delivering widespread benefits throughout the organization.

In addition to my involvement in the design system, I played a key role in designing multiple variations that showcased the system's potential for simplicity, robustness, and adaptability across a wide range of design applications. Through scenarios that encompassed home pages, product pages, email campaigns, e-commerce pages, and more, I enabled the team to explore the system's component limits and identify opportunities for refinement or the creation of new components to address specific design requirements. This iterative process ensured the system's effectiveness in meeting the diverse needs of designers throughout the organization.

In my role, I played a pivotal role in establishing the foundation of the design system by creating the initial framework in Sketch. I also took the initiative to train my team on how to effectively utilize the design system and achieve the desired outcomes. Our ultimate objective was to make the design system readily accessible to our team members by delivering it through our internal website and making the files available for download via GitHub or our internal platform. This approach ensured seamless adoption and empowered our designers to create consistent and cohesive experiences across various projects.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration and inclusivity, we envisioned the CORE Design System as a community-driven initiative. To achieve this, our team engaged in brainstorming sessions to devise a concept that would encourage contributions from GE UX designers and developers worldwide. Through internal workouts, we crafted a compelling design and concept for a community-driven website, which served as a platform for designers and developers to actively shape and enhance the design system. This approach fostered a sense of ownership and collective responsibility, empowering the GE UX community to collaboratively evolve and refine the system over time.

Embracing the power of animation, I ventured into uncharted territory by exploring animation possibilities for the CORE Design System website. Leveraging the capabilities of Principle, I crafted engaging and visually captivating animations that added an extra layer of dynamism and interactivity to the user experience. I presented these animations to the team, igniting inspiration and sparking fruitful discussions that led to the generation of new ideas and concepts for further enhancing the website's visual appeal and user engagement.

I contributed articles to the CORE Design System community, sharing insights and practical tips to foster collaboration and enhance the system. This inspired others to contribute their own articles, enriching our knowledge base and empowering designers and developers across GE.


The enduring impact of the CORE Design System is evident as it continues to be utilized by various teams across GE, enabling them to establish their brand identity, expand their products, and foster a cohesive GE brand experience. Remarkably, the system's versatility has even led to its unexpected application in the development of web applications, a testament to its user-friendly nature and adaptability.