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Brilliant Factory - Shop Floor Visualizer
GE - Manufacturing

My Role:
Creative Direction
User Interface Design
Visual Design

Building on the ongoing success of the Brilliant Factory Initiative at GE, the Power business engaged our team to improve the operator experience through digital tools. Their goal was to provide Line Leaders with enhanced visibility into the performance of operators on each assembly and manufacturing line. We embraced this opportunity to identify areas of improvement and leverage digital solutions to optimize the operator experience, ultimately empowering Line Leaders with valuable insights to enhance productivity and efficiency on the factory floor.

Following a productive workout session at one of the factories, I established a clear design direction that would shape the platform's overall aesthetic and functionality. Working closely with our Senior Interaction Designer, we developed a journey map and adopted a persona-based approach to gain deeper insights into the specific needs and pain points of the operators. Simultaneously, we aimed to create a solution that would benefit line leaders and the entire factory. Our vision revolved around a digital display that was both interactive and easily visible to operators and line leaders, providing real-time insights into the performance of each machine and enabling prompt action to address any issues that arose on the production line. This design approach aimed to enhance overall productivity and facilitate efficient decision-making at both the operator and management levels.


The Shop Floor Visualizer, our designated product for the business, served as a pivotal cornerstone for future iterations and enhancements. Building upon the initial design, our team diligently conducted ongoing research in collaboration with the businesses to further refine and expand the product. This iterative process allowed us to continually develop and improve upon the designs, ensuring that the Shop Floor Visualizer remained aligned with the evolving needs of the users and the business requirements. By leveraging insights gained from continuous research, our team was able to deliver a product that consistently met the demands of the dynamic manufacturing environment.