Brilliant Factory - Shop Floor Visualizer
GE - Manufacturing

My Role:
Creative Direction
User Interface Design
Visual Design

Continuing to enhance the Brilliant Factory Initiative at GE, the Power business reached out to us to help them get some better insight on how we can enhance the operator experience using digital tools and in turn help their Line Leaders get a better view onto their operator on each assembly/manufacturing line.

After a quick workout at one of the factories, I came up with a design direction that set the tone for the rest of the platform designs. In close collaboration with our Senior IxD, we developed a journey map and persona-based approach to better understand the needs of the operators and at the same time deliver something the line leaders and the whole factory can use and benefit from. The idea was to develop a digital display that is interactive and can be easily seen by operators and line leaders to better understand the performance of each machine and act on issues that arise on each line.


The Shop Floor Visualizer, the product we called for the business, became the cornerstone for future iterations on the product. Our team continued to develop more designs based on continued research with the businesses.