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Power Gen Evaluator
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My Role:
Creative Direction
User Interface Design
Visual Design

The Power Business Division at GE recognized the need for an improved solution to sell their turbines, which prompted the High Impact Innovation team, of which I was a member, to take on the challenge. With a focus on user research and engaging in initial workout meetings with GE Sales representatives, our team set out to create a comprehensive solution. This involved developing a journey map, wireframes, and exploring ways to enhance the visual direction of the app to improve user-friendliness and effectively present the turbines on various devices, including phones, tablets, and desktop screens. A key consideration was implementing a navigational structure that seamlessly accommodated the details and information of the turbines across all formats, prioritizing efficient navigation as a crucial element in the user experience.

The existing turbine-selling app was outdated, not user-friendly, and limited to tablet usage only. Our objective as the High Impact Innovation team was to update the app, making it more modern and accessible across desktop and mobile devices.

In collaboration with our interaction designer and senior UX director, we conducted a workout session with the business unit to gain a deeper understanding of the app's purpose and target audience. Through this session, we established a clear user flow as our guiding direction for moving forward. Simultaneously, I began establishing a design system for the app, starting with the initial designs that were limited to iPads. Working closely with the interaction designer, we focused on making the app more user-friendly and proposed a new navigation paradigm to enhance the overall user experience. These efforts aimed to modernize the app and align it with current design standards, ensuring its usability across various devices.

I developed a proposal highlighting the need for a new design, along with ideas to enhance the app's aesthetics and user experience. Based on this proposal, I created prototypes that were presented to users and stakeholders for feedback and validation, enabling us to refine and improve the design further.

Following the positive feedback on the user flow and visual direction, I began developing the screens for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This was my first time using Sketch as the primary design tool, which posed a slight learning curve after years of working with Illustrator. However, I quickly adapted to Sketch and skillfully crafted all the screens for the app, leveraging my design expertise to ensure a seamless and consistent user experience across different devices.


The adoption of the new design proved to be highly successful, with users expressing their satisfaction with the revamped navigation structure and overall user experience. The app's compatibility across various formats enabled users to access information more efficiently, enhancing their productivity. An integral aspect of the app's success was its seamless integration into GE's existing Power Generation Portal. This integration ensured that the app seamlessly extended the functionality of the portal, providing users with a cohesive and unified experience. The app's ability to serve as an extension of the portal played a crucial role in its effectiveness and overall success.